Friday, June 29, 2012

Oracle Exadata Preventive Maintenance:

Oracle Exadata Preventive Maintenance:

- Validate software versions are at recommended levels - [ID 888828.1]
- Validate firmware versions are at recommended levels - [ID 888828.1]
- Validate health of all hardware components in the machine - (exachk or HealthCheck [ID 1070954.1])
- Visually inspect the machine for failed or damaged components like slide rails, cable management arms

Exadata machine includes the following consumable components:

* Batteries in the disk controllers in the storage and database servers which protect the write cache in the event of a power failure.

* Energy Storage Module (ESM) in the PCIe flash cards in the storage servers which protect the DRAM cache in the event of a power failure.

Note: Failure of these consumable components will adversely impact performance (Note - there will be no loss of data or wrong results).

Replacement Schedule for Consumable Components:

1. Pro-active replacement schedule assumes worst case life expectancies.
2. Years 6,7, and later assume system was shipped within 5 years from last ship date or extended support is being offered.

Maintenance Window for pro-active replacement:

1. Times are estimates and will vary from system to system.
2. Full system downtime estimates vary based on whether 1 or 2 service engineers are used.

You will see below alert from cell nodes:
Hardware Alert: CRITICAL

Description: All Logical drives are in WriteThrough caching mode. Either battery is in a learn cycle or it needs to be replaced. Please contact Oracle Support

Affected Cell       Name                              atl03cel01

                           Server Model                  SUN MICROSYSTEMS SUN FIRE X4275 SERVER SATA

                           Chassis Serial Number     1005XFG05E

                            Version                           OSS_11.

Recommended Action: Battery is either in a learn cycle or it needs replacement. Please contact Oracle Support.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enumerating the details. These are helpful preventive maintenance tips. I commonly miss inspecting the cable management system like Heat Shrink wires and cables. I will make sure I can check them next time.